What goes on at Tiny Town ?

I believe whole heartedly that the best way for young children to learn is through play and hands on investigation. Through topics, I create fun, hands on activities for the children in my care. I love to find new ways to use the tuff tray, engaging children with different materials and textures to explore. Examples include crunchy leaves to investigate the autumn season, messy play (jelly, cornflour gloop, ice), edible paints and so on. I am a big kid at heart and love to have fun! I enjoy being hands on with the children. I play with them, modelling language, turn taking and re-enacting imaginative scenarios. I also love being outdoors and use the natural environment regardless of the weather.

In addition, I provide wrap around care for school aged children. This includes drop off and pick ups for Hamford Primary Academy, and school holiday places.

Out and about.

We enjoy visiting new places and I am always looking for fun attractions and things to do with the children in my care. This includes trips to Colchester Zoo, adventure farms, local parks, the beach, the library, educational groups and social play groups with children of similar ages. 

Child development at Tiny Town.

I work in close partnership with parents/carers, as I value the importance of you being your child’s first educator. I use Tapestry Learning Journals to document each child’s journey through my setting, and as a means of communicating with parents/carers on a regular basis. Through this platform, parents are able to stay up to date with their child’s learning and development and I support and encourage you to upload your own observations of your child’s learning, to build a wider picture of their development.

I use this ongoing assessment to inform my planning, responding to each individuals next steps in learning.